Our Services

Specialist Consultation

Dr. Benjamin Chiam, Dr. Peter Wei and Dr. Marc Bibeau are physicians specially trained in caring for patients with a wide range of pulmonary diseases. An assessment by them involves a thorough review of your lung health, consisting of an interview, physical examination, and possibly specialized testing. At the completion of the clinical encounter, discussions will be had with you, the patient, outlining any concerns, and a detailed letter sent to your referring physician. If follow-up care is required, appointments will be scheduled prior to leaving.

How to refer:  In order to see Dr. Chiam, Dr. Wei or Dr. Bibeau, your family physician (or other specialist) will submit a written request indicating their desire for a specialist consultation. We will then contact you with the date and time of your appointment along with any special instructions prior to seeing the doctor.

Pulmonary Function Testing

As part of the clinical encounter with Dr. Chiam, Dr. Wei or Dr. Bibeau, you will likely have to undergo Pulmonary Function Testing which involves special breathing maneuvers. However, your Family Doctor (or other specialist) may refer you to The Lung Health Clinic for testing only, without an assessment by one of our specialists. At the completion of the test, it will be interpreted by one of our specialists and a copy sent to your doctor.

How to refer: Your doctor can request a pulmonary function test on your behalf by completing one of our referral forms and faxing it to our office.  We will contact you with the next available appointment.